Brilliant instructor very friendly and talkative , very informative, knows exactly what to work on and how to improve if there are any areas needing work on, would 100% recommend to anyone looking to pass there test.

Jack smith

I was initially very nervous on the road, but Mike was very calm and patient with me, built up my confidence and got me ready for my test, which I passed last week. Would recommend drive2freedom to everyone! Thanks Mike.

Glenn Clift

Highly recommend. Very good teacher who goes over faults and ways in which you can improve, which is very helpful. Prepare you for not just the test but driving afterwards. Very good value for money.

Shannon Fegan-Peart

Michael made me feel so relaxed and gave me the confidence to pass. I had failed before with previous instructor, if I had driven with Drive2freedom I would of passed 1st time. Thank you Michael.

Milton Ribeiro

I would like to say that I’ve started with this driving school from the beginning on December 2016. I had my first practice exam on March and i failed it. Michelle (the instructor) was with me on the exam so every single mistake he saw made sure after that i correct them, and i have to say that he was very patient with me so that i got it on second try and here i am still talking to him for any question and he feels very happy to answer them even after i finished my lessons with him.
Very friendly, and helps you with anything he can (i mean driving).

Andrewster Stark

Very Friendly, Patient and Punctual Instructor who teaches you to Drive properly and not just to pass the test.
Lessons have never been boring, never been yelled at even after repeating the same mistake so often till I got the hang of it and most importantly always been dot on time or early for the lessons.
Been the first instructor I’ve gone with and never had the need or wish to change to another.
Highly recommend learning driving with Mike thought contact him in advance as his weekly diary gets full very quickly.

Brian Sequeira

Mike, really helped me after two years and many, many lessons to finally pass. Very good and clear teacher, giving precise and clear instruction to make sure that you understand what you are doing. Really helped me as I was going down the rabbit hole of failing 5 plus tests and built my confidence in the car. Great guy too, easy to get along with. Can’t thank him enough.

Ciaran Mckenna

Mike was a fantastic instructor, i would not have been able to pass first time without him.

Sean Lucas

Hello, Mike I really don’t know where to start but from the bottom of my heart I thank you for being so patient, motivated, deeply trusting in me. I couldn’t do it without your support and I will recommend anyone who want to learn how to drive safely to come to you. Thanks a lot and I will seen you around

Francis Katenga

I am very grateful I chose working with Drive2freedom and especially with my instructor Mike! He helped me so much to learn very well all what I needed to know. A big thank you for his patient and the way he explained me everything. He’s such a nice instructor who lead me through passing practical driving test.

I’m very pleased with the way the Company (Drive2freedom) managed to deal with the payments, my driving hours and practical test appointment. Everything was how I expected to be dealt in a professional way.

I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.
Thank You Mike again !!

Sherif Abdalla

Mike is the best instructor ever! I’ve passed my driving test from the first time.When I’ve started lessons, I was really afraid to drive and scared of meeting traffic, but Mike managed to boost my confidence on the road.
He taught me from the very beginning, based on the progress he could predict when I wasn’t ready for the test, I’m really glad that I’ve listened to him and postponed my test to a later date and managed to pass from 1st time!
Every lesson was really exiting and routes were carefully planned to get the best results.
He was taking time to explain everything in detail, and stayed always calm if I was repeating any mistakes.
I’m really thankful for all the support !

Jadovitaja Jagoda

I just passed my driving test after 2 failed attempts with another company. I was driving abroad for the last 17 years but wasn’t aware of my weak points and faults I do while driving. UK roads can be really tricky and have its own characteristics. Mike was very patient and helped me to recognise&correct my bad driving habits. Learned tons of tips to become a better driver. Now I feel more confident and safe on the road. I don’t know how many times should I had to take the test if you were not around. Thanks a billion again for the great knowledge transfer, guidance and helpful comments. I hope more people will be with you in order to be a better driver and pass their tests.

Gurkan Nisanci

Mike is a classy and experienced instructor, was my second and last one as i felt from just my first lesson that under his tutelage i would become a much better driver. I was proved right.


Just passed first time with Mike after (approx) 10-12 lessons. Cant recommend him enough. Mike was very understanding and helpful when I had to postpone or cancel lessons due to personal reasons which I am very grateful for.

Callum Thomas

Mike was an excellent driving instructor, I was able to pass first time and much quicker than I had expected – with only about 14 double length lessons. He was always prompt and on time – not cancelling even once, ensuring a rigid structure to the learning course. A pleasure to chat to in the car, as well, when stuck in a traffic jam or two – I would not hesitate to recommend both him and his car to learn in, you will be sure to pick it up quickly and hopefully pass first time. Good knowledge of both the test routes and the manoeuvres – thank you very much!

Gunner Jackson

I had done alot of hours before and frankly i hadn’t learnt much so I decided to switch to Micheal who represents “Drive To Freedom” and believe me I’m glad I did. Within the first 2 lessons I learnt way more about how the car works, road awareness, road law etc. Due to his fantastic ability to adapt to the needs of his students regardless of their driving ability. If you’re looking for a driving instructor Drive to freedom should definitely be your top three if not first.


Mike is an incredibly experienced teacher and driving instructor. He gave me the confidence to be able to go for my test, something that I had put off for the last 10 years!
His in depth knowledge is clear from lesson one. I really valued his approach to teaching and his guidance over the last few months.
Such a great feeling passing and first time too! All thanks to Mike.
Follow up motor way lesson is booked! Can’t thank you enough Mike!

Jason Tierney

Hi Mike, just wanted to say how pleased i have been with your methods of teaching and that i have enjoyed learning with Drive2freedom 🙂 . I also want to say that anyone who is thinking of learning with Mike should definitely consider it as he is very good instructor. I have been taking lessons with him and I passed first time. Thanks Again Mike, will see ya when i do the Pass Plus course.


Passed first time with no faults, really friendly and patient instructor, can’t thank him enough! 🙂


Awesome instructor left no stone unturned if you cant pass with mike you wont! cheers mate

William Jennings

Literally just passed my test cannot thank Michael enough! he was my 3rd instructor and final instructor (as i was not happy with others) not only building on my skills but my own self esteem! I am so so grateful for his persistance, patience and being extremely organised, never late and actually quite funny! Great deals with prices and top teacher over all!


Hi Michel, Thanks for all your help to get me pass the test in such short space of time Thanks for not patronizing me like other instructor I had You know most of time when I made mistake I am stressful enough I the last thing I want is someone who going over and over again my mistake Thank you for your words of encouragement when I remember to check the mirror and made the right judgment on the road traffic, it really helps me building my confident I will let you know when I have the time and the money to do Passplus All the best.


Very good instructor, teaches you all you need to know from how to drive to how to keep safe. Patient, flexible and friendly, i was having some troubles but with mike (drive2freedom)’s help i managed to sort it out and pass my test today Thanks mike you helped alot


Before I started my lessons, I’d never sat behind a wheel let alone driven a car!… I passed my test a couple of weeks ago and I’m happy to say that I’m a confident driver and I really enjoy driving… So thank you very much Michael, I’m gonna miss having lessons as they were a lot of fun It’s difficult to find a good instructor that’s not gonna rip you off which is why I’d gladly recommend drive2freedom


Thank you Mick! You are the best instructor that I ever had. You have not taken away my confidence like the other instructors that I had before. Instead you have encouraged me and build up my confidence, helping me to pass my test on the first attempt since I start having lesson with you.


I have Just passed my test with only 2 minor faults! And my examiner said they were him just being picky!! I am a 29 year old Police officer and have never sat behind the wheel of a car before! I had no idea. I found Mike (drive2freedom) to be a superb instructor. He is extremely polite, honest, patient very flexible and can explain the most complex of things in a short, simple, very easy to understand way. I was taught how to do things several different ways and was able to work out the best solution for me. He really give me confidence. The thing I found most pleasing is that I was taught to drive not just pass a test.. The test wasn’t even mentioned until about half way into my lessons. Mikes prices, I believe, are extremely good value for money and I didn’t end up paying as much as I thought I would! His bulk booking discounts are excellent. I also plan on doing my Pass+ with him. All in all I believe Drive2freedom is an excellent, professional, safe and fun place to learn to drive and would strongly recommend it to anyone.


Hi Mike, just wanted to say how pleased i have been with your methods of teaching and that i have enjoyed learning with Drive2freedom 🙂 . I also want to say that anyone who is thinking of learning with Mike should definitely consider it as he is very good instructor. I have been taking lessons with him and i passed first time. Thanks Again Mike, will see ya when i do the Pass Plus course.


Hi …Mike is a great driving instructor! I have just passed my test, first time, with no problems because of him. He is a really good instructor and i will be recommending him to everyone i know. …Thanks for helping me to pass first time …I really appreciate it


This was my first time taking any driving lessons and started off struggling quite a bit , eventually got the hang of it and actually started to sink in. Every lesson was never boring with michael, would never expect to have a quiet lesson, even if he wasn’t talking, i was narrating every move! LOL . Brilliant instructor, had a lot of faith in me, even when I didnt, and to be honest, he put up with a lot with me. Would definitely recommend, as I took my first Driving Test today and passed with 4 minors , keep in mind i would have had 1 minor if my nerves wouldn’t have got the better of me. However, i still passed! Great instructor


I successfully passed my driving test first time with Drive2Freedom. Mike is a very encouraging driving instructor who helped me to constantly progress with my driving skills. I would like to thank Drive2Freedom for helping me pass my driving test


I am really pleased to have passed at the first attempt and for that ,all the praises should go to you Michael! you gave me the confidence to go for it despite the first two” terrible” lessons.(guess u remember) your patience,the way you explained things was just cool! Thanks a million…


Coordinating all these new skills was difficult, and I found the first few lessons pretty hard work, but Mike’s patient understanding helped get me through them.

Kenneth Edwards

Thanks a lot Mike! A lot of my friends passed first time with Mike so i thought i’ll learn with him and I was not disappointed! I passed first time just like everyone else. He is a very patient, kind and funny person who knows what it takes to be a good, safe driver and flexible with lessons. I would recommend him to anyone!

Stephen Flanagan

Hi any learner drivers out there, if your looking to pass give Mike a ring. I have just passed with Mike after 5 months and 40 lessons. What can I say….Mike was the best thing that happened to me, he gave me the confidence and motivation to go for it!! Mike has patience when you lose your’s, calms you down and encourages you when you think you can’t do it, even when you don’t get it right first time, I would recommend him, so give him a ring. Happy passing!!.

Donna Phillips

Mike is a fantastic driving instructor. His lesson’s are structured well meaning i passed my test first time within 20 hours, with 1 minor fault. Thank you Mike


Absolutely 1st class instructor, was very patient and explains any problems you have very clearly and makes you feel very comfortable and confident. I am 32 and had never driven before, i passed after 20 2hr lessons with only 1 minor fault. I really cannot explain just how good Mike is and how thorough and high his standards are. Many many thanks Mike.

Wayne Radcliffe

Mike is a fantastic driving instructor. His lesson’s are structured well meaning i passed my test first time within 20 hours, with 1 minor fault. Thank you Mike


Great tutor Mike is always giving advice on how to drive, always pushing for you to be the perfect driver and he does it well, I passed first time so there must something he doing right, my recommendation go for pass plus it’s worth it you will do more advanced driving lessons like motorways and country roads taught how to drive properly


Hi Mike, just passed my test first time and i owe it all to your great teaching skills. I would recommend Mike to anyone considering taking lessons as he helped build my confidence and was patient thoughout all my lessons.


I am 18 and i did 20 hours with Mike i passed first time with him and was very pleased. Mike is a very reliable instructor because i don’t recall him once being late for a lesson. when i began my lessons i had a lot to improve on but mike was very helpful and made sure that i was as ready for my test as possible. He is very very patient land calm. I am going to now recommend my friends to Mike because i believe they can do well with him.


Mike is a very good driving instructor he is very patient he also very understanding.And he has taught me well.thank you mike


Hey Michael! I’m so sorry its taken me so long to write on here, i literally just kept forgetting!…That doesn’t mean to say i forgot your driving lessons however! I was extremely satisfied with the lessons you gave me, you were very friendly and explained everything in an easy way- however i do apologise for my occasional moods lol. It was just such a relief to have you after my last instructor and what do you know i passed first time with you! I also really appreciate you travelling so far out of your way to teach me. Overall brilliant instructor! I hope you continue to get lots more clients 🙂


Only had michael for about 8 hours as i was doing lessons elsewhere .. got told by a friend of mine to try michael as i complained to my friend that i was not comfortable with my instructor .. i passed 1st time with 3 minors.. i feel mike is the best instuctor to go to thanks mike!


Having lived in London for many years I never quite got round to learning to drive, but moving meant that I really needed to drive a car to get around. Mike’s patience and experience gave me the confidence to gradually learn all the skills I needed to pass my test first time, at the age of 36. I don’t think I could have done it without him!.

Robert Smith

Patient, Encouraging, Enthusiastic. 1 in a million instructor.


Mike is very nice, funny and friendly person but first of all he is a GOOD INSTRUCTOR!! He reminded me of how to drive properly and take control of bad habits, which I had a lot. Strongly recommend this teacher!


Was very happy with passing my test first time. My instructor, Mike, was very supportive and good training for my test….


I passed my test with no problem at all. Mike is a good instructor who mastered me to learn the techniques for becoming a good driver. Thanks Mike. I would gladly recommend Mike to people who want to learn good driving.


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