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Drive2freedom driving school FAQ

  • When can I apply for my driving licence?
    From the age of 16 you can apply for a provisional UK licence, once you have done that contact us to book your first driving lesson
  • When Can I Start to learn drive?
    You only allowed to drive on the road from your 17th birthday
  • What do I look for a driving
    Good driving schools will show a genuine pride in their training standardand how they present themselves to you the custumer. Tuition you receive should be structured to help you learn quickly and safely enabling you to have confidence in your own driving ability Look for evidence of a proper course plan with structure and methods to the tuition. Tuition is more effective when organized
  • How do I choose the right driving instructor?
    The price of driving tuition should never be taken as the most important factor. Choose quality tuition over price every time. Don't expect a good driving intructor for the price a cheap instructor charges. Cheap prices means more lessons. Look for an instructor who offers excellent intruction. If you do this it will cost less in the end.
  • How many lessons will I need to learn how to drive?
    This depends very much on yur general skills, age and time you can invest in your driving lessons. According to official statistics, the avarage person takes about 45 hours with an instructor plus 22 hours of private practise to have the best chances of passing the driving test first time. Generally, learners who have been cycling, riding a moped or have similar experience will learn to drive more easily. However, our friendly and professional instructors are trained to teach also those who are less skilled!
  • I am am very anxious, will I need more driving lessons than other learners?"
    From Experience, there is generally no significant difference between the amount of lessons needed for anxious learners an those who are relatively confident. It is natural for new learners to think that they are more anxious than others, but they will overcome this problem throughout the course. Remember, learning to drive with Drive2freedom driving school is supposed to be easy going
  • Hourly questions or intensive course?
    Intensive driving courses are regarded as the fastest way to learn. Courses are popular because tuition can be taken over days enabling everthing learnt to remain fresh in the mind, and because the driving test is arranged with the course you could learn and pass the test and be driving on your own in just a week instead of taking many months of weekly lessons.
  • How long are lessons?
    The majority of our lessons are based on a 2 hour period. It has been proven that a person will learn quicker and require fewer lessons than learning at the rate of 1 hour a week, as a result it will work out financially cheaper taking 2 hour lessons than 1 hour. Doing 2 hour lesson on avarage a learner should take between 4-6 months to be ready for the test. Wilst doing 1 hour lessons learners will take around 12 months to reach test standard
  • What do I need to bring with me on my first lesson?
    On your first lesson (whether you have driven or not) you need to bring your provisional driving licence, payment for the lesson( unless already pre paid), and please also bring along any glassess/contact lenses if you need them,and sensible footwer!!
  • Can I start driving lessons before I do my theory?
    Yes, as long as you have a valid UK provisional driving licence, then you can take lessons anytime from your 17th birthday.
  • Once I pass my theory test how long is it valid for?
    Your theory test is valid for 2 years from the date you pass it.
  • How do I book my theory/pratical test?
  • I have recently moved to the UK, can I transfer the driving licence from my home country?"
    Foreign licence holders from countries specified on the DVLA website are generally allowed to drive in the UK for 12 months but have to pass a test before this time elapses in order to continue to drive as a “full licence holder”. To apply for the test foreign licence holders need a provisional licence just as UK applicants, but don’t have to display “L”-plates and don’t have to drive under supervision within the 12 months period. However, we highly recommend to take driving lessons with a professional Drive2Freedom instructor – even if you are an experienced driver, the UK driving test is very demanding and often underestimated. For further details please contact us.
  • Can you book my practical test for me?
    Yes, as long as you have already passed your theory test we will be happy to book driving tests for our pupils.
  • What if I fail my practical test?
    You can apply for a new driving test immediately, but current ruling means you cannot take this test for 10 working days. This now includes Saturdays; this time limit is to enable any faults to be corrected.
  • I have heard of a garanteed pass, what is it?"
    Guaranteed pass courses that some driving schools offer sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well you’re right. The Guaranteed Pass is a ploy used by some driving schools to entice you to learn with them. Their guarantee offer at best is for a few hours of tuition only. Most of these driving schools don’t expect you to take up this offer; if you do you will have to return to them some months later.
  • What is the most efficient way to learn how to drive?
    This depends very much on individual preferences, but most learners naturally become tired and less attentive after 2 hours of driving tuition. Therefore it is recommended not to exceed 2 hours of lessons at a time or to have a break in-between. In order to maintain the efficiency of your learning, it is important to continue with driving lessons on a very regular basis.
  • What if I learn Automatic?
    If you take and pass your test in an Automatic car, you can only drive an Automatic once qualified. (If you pass in a manual you can drive either type of vehicle)
  • What is Pass Plus?
    You may be able to get money off your car insurance once you have completed your Pass Plus Course! This involves extra training with a professional pass plus driving instructor. You will work in different conditions and environments (including motorways). There is no driving test to take at the end. All newly qualified drivers should take a Pass Plus course. This must be at least 6 hours. Only Pass Plus registered driving instructors can offer this course. Take Advantage for our 1-Day Pass Plus Course.
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