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Intensive Courses plan


An intensive or Crash course can be condensed within a few days or spread out within a few weeks, it all depends on your ability to get time off work or studies and how you cope with high-intensity training.


The course can be structured as an:


  • Intensive:


4-6 hours per day undertaken over a few days up to a week or more. It helps if you have already mastered basic clutch control, brake and steering  skills suitable for people who show a good aptitude for driving, thrive off the pressure, and wish to pass as soon as possible


  • Semi-Intensive: 


Suitable for people who want to pass their test quickly but can’t take much time off work or studies and want to learn fast but at a comfortable pace. This course will be tailored around you. lessons will be planned for 1 or more days per week doing a minimum of 2 hours per day


The structure of the course can be discussed after the initial assessment of 2 hours. During this lesson, the instructor will assess your current driving ability and your rate of learning. The instructor can then determine how many hours you may need to be ready for your test.


 Typically the amount of hours you may need depends on many factors including previous experience, ability to multitask, having a natural aptitude for driving and a good dose of confidence. On average new drivers need  around 45 hours to learn how to drive and have the best chances to pass their practical test first time


       Intensive course plans:


  • 10 hours course:

        This is designed for people who have failed a test recently and need help getting to the required standard 


  • 15 hours

        suitable for learners who have good control of the car have driven on complex roads junction/roundabouts, attempted manoeuvres and may just                need help with polishing up their skills.


  • 20 hours

        Suitable for people who have good control of the car and able to drive fairly confident but need practice on manoeuvres and on complex junctions,


  • 25 hours

       A popular intensive driving course for people with some driving experience and feel competent with the basics 


  • 30 hours 

        Suitable for learners who have little driving experience and have mastered some clutch control, braking and steering skills


  • 40 hours 

        Suitable for learners who have little or no driving experience




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