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Motorway Lessons

If you’re looking to take on the motorway for the first time, or already have your licence but  want some extra practice or you just want to further developpe your hazard and awareness skills, get accustomed to driving in a busy high speed environment and become a better driver, we can help!



We provide motorway lessons suitable for people who are:

  • Learner Drivers- Since June 2018 learner drivers have been allowed to take motorway lessons under the supervision of an approved driving instructor and in a dual control car. The lessons will allow new learners to gain experience and develop a good understanding on how to use motorway safely before driving independently.


  • Newly qualified drivers- Passed their driving test but have never driven on motorways want to gain experience to drive in a high -speed environment.



  •  Motorway Anxiety- have driven on motorways but feel anxious or perhaps have been previously involved in an accident and want to overcome their fear.

Get Started Today!

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