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Woman Driving

Refresher Courses

    Refresher courses are suitable for those people who:

  • Have not driven for quite some time

  • Lost confidence after an accident

  • Have an international driving licence and want to get customised with driving on the left and dealing with meeting traffic

​      in busy and narrow roads

  • Recently passed the test but nervous or unsure about certain aspects of driving such as motorways or night driving

  • Want to improve their driving standards and become a safer driver

  • Want to brush up on manoeuvres, such as parallel reverse parking or bay parking

  • Moved from the country to the city or vice versa

    Whatever the reasons we will tailor the lessons according to your budget and requirement. There is absolutely no pressure, you can assess           yourself as you go along and at any stages you can book more lessons or stop as you wish or require.

Get Started with our Refresher Course TODAY!

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